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Visitor Attractions

Providing ‘on demand’ refreshments to visitors of theme parks, zoos, historic houses, gardens or other leisure attractions is no easy task.

Hundreds of visitors, acres of grounds, multiple purchase points, peaks in demand and a mixture of permanent and casual catering staff creates a daily catering challenge. Add a rainy day and some staff absenteeism to the mix and you’ve got a big headache!


So how can you ensure that your drinks offering contributes towards a great visitor experience?

Obviously, serving good coffee in your restaurants, cafes and kiosks is a basic requirement that you need to get right.

At CBC we think the answer for visitor attractions is to mainly use ‘bean to cup’ coffee machines that solve quite a few operational challenges:

  • They make espresso coffee at the touch of a button and provide automated processes for steaming/frothing milk – so you can use untrained causal staff to make a wide range of different coffees
  • They make the freshest coffee because they grind the coffee beans as you use them. This means that beans will not quickly degrade in kiosk environments.
  • Very low cleaning and maintenance required – just simply add disposable dispensing tubes in seconds
  • The machines are very compact and can be fitted into the smallest kitchen or kiosk
  • Each machine can use the wide range of quality coffee blends offered by CBC (and delivered within 24 hours)
  • We’re local – so service and support is just a phone call and no more than an hour’s drive away. We recognise that your seasons are short and you need instant answers!

Although ‘bean to cup machines’ tend to be the machine of choice for visitor attractions you may have other operational needs that require a different solution. For example, machines which just produce high volume black coffee can sometimes be the answer as a queue buster.

Why not call us for a consultation to find out your requirements so that we can advise on the mix of machines and products that are just the ticket?

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