Pre-Used Espresso Machines To Rent

Acquiring a second-hand coffee machine can be an attractive financial option to many businesses, but it can also be a perilous journey as it is difficult to know the previous service history and whether the machine has major issues or what service backup is available if things go wrong.

However, you can be assured that renting a pre-used espresso machine from the Coffee Bean Company is a very secure choice. We also offer free on loan packages tied to a minimum usage agreement.

Whether the machines are ex-demo, ex-rental or pre-used our engineers subject them to a very rigorous cleaning, servicing and refurbishment process. Each machine comes with a 360° warranty which will give you peace of mind that it will be safe, reliable and stress free.

We will not sell any machines that we don’t think would suit your business demands and we will not sell any machines that don’t meet our strict standards.

Please call us on 023 8081 2194 to check availability.

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