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The Origin of Coffee

With Coffee being the most popular beverage in the world, it’s surprising how very little people know the origin of coffee. So, The Coffee Bean Company thought it would be fitting and interesting most importantly to share the story of Kaldi.  When an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi saw his goats dancing about, he thought the behaviour was very unsual.

He then saw that the goats were actually eating the red berries and shiny leaves of an unfamiliar tree. Kaldi decided to try some, and when he did he started to dance like his goats.

Some time later, a passing monk observed Kaldi and the goats. When Kaldi told him about the berries, the monk thought they might be the answer to his prayers — literally. It seems that the monk were always falling asleep in the middle of prayers. When he ate the berries, he stayed awake.

The monk came up with the idea of drying and boiling the berries to make a beverage. His fellow monks loved the new drink because it encouraged them to pray, knowledge of these energising berries began to spread — and they tasted good too.

As word spread east and reached the Arabian Peninsula coffee beans began their journey across the world.


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