The heart of good taste for all our beverage systems

You wouldn't expect a Rolls-Royce to perform on low-grade fuel, or for its passengers to be impressed by the experience. Likewise, our superior beverage systems demand the very best of ingredients as it is these that lie at the heart of the delicious drinks that will refresh and motivate those who sample them.

All our products are superior in quality, and many are sustainably-sourced, meeting various Certifications and Accreditations such as the Rain Forest Alliance, the Ethical Tea Partnership, and UTZ which guarantees direct traceability from farm to cup. All Certifications and Accreditations guarantee that the product, be it coffee, tea or chocolate, was produced with respect for the living conditions of farmers and the natural environment in the country of origin.

Only the very best components make the grade at The Coffee Bean Company:

The Coffee Bean Company are the major distributor of high-end coffee machines and coffee for Douwe Egberts and Piazza D'Oro. We also supply machines and sundries for leading brands such as Galaxy Chocolate, Kenco and Imporient Tea.


Our range of filters promote purity to accredited standards, improving taste and appearance in the final product.

High-volume Cafitesse Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

The luxury Cafitesse ranges of coffee, tea and chocolate are brewed at source to thirty times their normal strength and then flash-frozen. This liquid concentrate is delivered to you via a patented bag-in-box technology which provides fresh, consistently delicious beverages on demand. All you have to do is thaw the concentrate and place it in the Cafitesse brewer. The unique brewing system maintains high quality while ensuring a fresh, consistent cup of 'something special' every time with a simple press of a button.

Bean to Cup & Espresso Coffees

All from the finest ranges, our fresh-roasted coffee beans are supplied vacuum-packed for peak performance. Simply top up the hopper and the beans are ground to order before your eyes, dispensing authentic, fresh-ground coffee in moments.

Filter Coffee

Supplied vacuum packed for just-roasted freshness, aroma and taste, the ground coffee beans are suffused in boiling water where their oils and essences are released, seep through the bottom of the filter and into the waiting receptacle as a clear coffee filtrate. The used coffee grounds are retained in the filter for easy disposal.

Instant Coffee

Freeze dried for superior taste, flavour and aroma, each coffee type's unique characteristics are released by the simple addition of boiling water. With milk and sugar options, you have top quality coffee in a flash. What could be quicker, more convenient or cost-effective?


To satisfy your choco-centric consumers, we supply a vacuum-packed, blended product that delivers pure, thick, creamy indulgence on demand at the touch of a button. Not too sweet or sickly, this balanced beverage is sourced from a leading brand name in 'chocolate heaven'.


For the enjoyment of your customers, The Coffee Bean Company has once again sourced an exceptional product. Backed by a tea-growing pedigree of over 130 years, and ISO 9002 Accredited, Imporient guarantees a tea experience of the highest quality.

All the extras

We also supply a full range of all the back-up bits-and-pieces such as grinders and water boilers so your organisation will be able to operate consistently, productively and to everyone's satisfaction.

Items include: real milk product, creamers, cookies, sugar, cups, stirrers, filter papers, accessories and replacement parts. Wherever possible, we choose recyclable packaging, cups and containers.

However, top-quality ingredients need top-quality machines to serve them. Visit our High Volume, Bean to cup, Espresso and Other Machines pages for the ideal system solution to your business' beverage demands…

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