You are probably very familiar with the coffee pods/machines for homes that were launched onto the consumer market by George Clooney.

But where would you use coffee pod machines that have been designed for retail and catering usage?

The answer is that these machines are ideal for any location that needs to serve quality coffee but where space is limited, overall demand is low and where staff may not be trained as baristas. For example, bars that needs to serve the occasional coffee or perhaps food delis where you can get take away drinks.

In essence, they provide all the ‘theatre’ of espresso machines but are much more simple and convenient to use. Just place pod in the machine to brew the coffee and use the steamer to steam/froth the fresh milk and you’ve got a first class drink to serve.

So no need for a grinder, knock out box, tamper etc or coffee beans that may have oxidised. Instead, you can keep a range of different coffee pod drinks that should suit most tastes – and each pod has a shelf life of a year.

The other use of pod machines is for hotels that want to offer their guests good quality self-made drinks in their bedroom. Unfortunately ladies, George isn’t part of the package!

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