Brimming with well-bred beverage solutions for thirsty organisations throughout the South

Founded on connoisseur quality, range and volume flexibility, we will respond to your exact operational needs and fulfil consumer expectations for superior beverages, ideally from sustainable sources.

Addressing every beverage moment within the busiest of organisations, The Coffee Bean Company recognises that one answer will not fit all. We will work with you to develop your best individual solution whilst catering for the more cultivated, eco-conscious palate of today's consumer.

From initial consultation to supply of machines, ingredients and sundries, to installation, training, maintenance and after-sales support, our well-bred beverage solutions are comprehensive and exclusive to your precise specifications.

Critically, we cater for the high-volume demands of large concerns such as hotels, conference centres and larger pubs; venues where sizeable quantities of drinks must be dispensed quickly and efficiently without compromise to good taste and quality.

A pedigree you can trust

Rest assured, with The Coffee Bean Company you keep the very best of company. As part of Bettavend, we offer the benefit of their twenty years-plus' experience as the leading regional vending company, recognised for effortless and uncomplicated refreshment solutions to businesses throughout the South.

Ethical Trading

In partnership with our suppliers, who are working towards 100% sustainability, we offer a wide variety of ingredients and sundries guaranteeing that ethical and sustainable standards have been observed.

Various Certifications and Accreditations such as the Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ and the Ethical Tea Partnership ensure that goods and services are produced in compliance with strict guidelines protecting the environment, wildlife, workers and local communities. However, although we are committed to using products such as these wherever possible, we will only do so as long as they do not compromise our overriding commitment to top quality.

This ecological-awareness extends to using recyclable packaging, cups and containers wherever possible.

Good taste takes training – we show you how

However excellent the system and ingredients, a cup of 'something special' demands skill in the staff responsible for its preparation and delivery.

To make our service as streamlined as possible for you, we can provide on-site, hands-on system training which covers the operation and maintenance of every machine installed, tailored to your individual requirements.

Would good taste and training help? Contact the experts directly on 023 8081 2194